Map & Directions
South Germantown Recreational Park
18010 Central Park Circle
Boyds, MD 20841

(240) 477-4430
HOURS: 7am to 11pm
(7-9am and 7-11pm requires reservation)

Adults 2014 Old



For printable Adult Clinics & Play flyer, click here.


For printable Adult Clinics & Play flyer, click here.


For printable Adult Tennis Ladder flyer, click here.


Tennis Ladder Rules

1) After registering, you will be added to where you will be able to see the contact information for other players on the ladder.

2) All ladder matches must be played at the Tennisplex, either indoors or outdoors.

3) Please contact Marc Verde (Ladder Coordinator) at and give him the telephone # and email address you want other players to use to contact you for matches. Marc will then set you up in Tennis Engine and let you know how to contact the players via email or phone to set up matches. Challenging players are responsible for calling the TennisPlex (240-477-4430) to reserve the court time. Please confirm with your opponent the court reservation.  You may not challenge the same player within a 2-week period. You are more than welcome to play each other within 2 weeks but it will not count toward your Tennis Engine points.

4) Both players are expected to split the court costs. If playing indoors, please make sure your opponent knows, as it costs more to play indoors. Players will receive a 15% discount for indoor match play. The Tennisplex has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your court reservation within 24 hours, both players will be charged their half of the court fees and the player who could not commit to the time will receive an 8-0 loss by default. However, that player can choose to pay for the entire court fee, which would not result in an 8-0 default — and the match should be rescheduled.

5) All players are expected to arrive on time. A 10-minute grace period will be allowed before a game penalty is accessed. After 15 minutes, the late player will start with a 3-0 deficit and must begin the match without a warm up.

6) Each match will be an 8 Game Pro Set with no ad scoring.  At deuce (40-40), receiving player chooses which side to return from for the game. A 9-point tie breaker (First player to 5 points wins) will be played at 8 games all. A maximum 10-minute warm up period will be allowed before the match starts. These rules have been established in order to complete the match within the 1-hour time limit. If the time expires, the player who is leading will be declared the winner. If agreeable by both players and the courts are available, you may pay for the additional court hour and complete the set.

7) Winners of the match will receive 9 points via the Tennis Engine website. Losing player will receive their number of games won. Tennis Engine will keep track of all games and scores.

8) All players will supply a new can of tennis balls to each match. The winner will keep the new can and the losing player keeps the used can. Tennis balls may be purchased at the front desk.

9) At the conclusion of the match, the winner will input their score via the Tennis Engine website within 24 hrs. The non-winner should also double check to make sure the score has been recorded.

10) The ladder administrator reserves the right to adjust or add any rules at any time to make sure all play is equitable. The administrator also reserves the right to move players either up or down in a division depending on skills or match results in order to maintain competitive play.

Your ladder administrator is Marc Verde,, (240) 400-3300. 

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